Legal Eagle XL ORV

Legal Eagle ORV in Monument Valley Utah

This blog is about flying adventures in a Milholland Legal Eagle XL named ORV, or off road vehicle forbthe long version. It is a Part 103 Ultralight Vehicle by FAA standards. That means less than 254 pounds, max of 5 gallons of fuel, max speed 63 mph with stall under 27 mph.  Powers is a 1/2 VW of 45 hp.

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Testing the Mikuni Carb after it was plugged.

I went to fly earlier and the engine started and then died, would not restart. Removed the Mikuni Carb. from the Verner 3V and proceeded to clean out the various jets and openings inside the Carb. There are several small openings in idle air and around the main needle. After cleaning it started and ran like a top. The Legal Eagle XL really enjoyed the evening and the air at take off, climbed quite good. RPM was study, moving the tach cable away from from all other wires did the trick to eliminate sometimes erratic RPM readings. Love the new fuel tank, no leaking fuel to wrestle with.

It has been a challenge to keep up with all the goings on regards the move, settling down and completing a ton of various projects as well as wrestling with tow flying machines.

I have had a problem with the Verner 3V on ORV, but have made changes and fixed the loss of compression problem except my fuel tank has started leaking very badly resulting in need to build new take, it shoud completed and flight tested by next week end. SR 7-1/2 has had a leak in the fuel tank for some time but it was under control until recently when the JB Weld started leaking. I have drained the fuel and repaired the tank again with another JB weld project called tank repair, it does not seem to harden but is sealing the leak. I can again fly Legal Eagle XL SR 7-1/2 when ever I want to. Looking forward to be in Reklaw with SR 7-1/2.

Another item learned on my move from California to Texas

Making the move has been a learning curve and one area that I have had help in is in health care, I have had Kaiser Permenante for a lot of years in California but here in Texas they do not provide cover for this state. Jessica Rosette with Rosette Health Insurance Advisors has been a big help and has taken care of getting me set up.

If you have health insurance questions or concerns contact Jessica at 209-499-7530 or email: I can highly recommend her.