Legal Eagle XL ORV

Legal Eagle ORV in Monument Valley Utah

This blog is about flying adventures in a Milholland Legal Eagle XL named ORV, or off road vehicle forbthe long version. It is a Part 103 Ultralight Vehicle by FAA standards. That means less than 254 pounds, max of 5 gallons of fuel, max speed 63 mph with stall under 27 mph.  Powers is a 1/2 VW of 45 hp.

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Legal Eagle XL SR 7-1/2 flying on cold November Day, the 22nd to be exact. Note the lack of fall foliage below and be on the lookout for today’s flight in ORV and the fall foliage colors below. Amazing difference.

Briggs and Stratton powered Legal Eagle XL

The Briggs and Stratton power plant with redrive is definitely a viable way to power a Legal Eagle XL. What Leonard is doing is providing an alternative for the lower horse power 1/2 VW and this fills the bill. With the muffler’s it is quiet, neighbors are noting. Check with Leonard Milholland for more details at