Next Project Coming up

BSV23 and now BSV35 getting ready to go.

This is going to be interesting, the BSV23 is a beautiful engine with adequate power for max gross weight of LEXL and does a great job, less weight than the 1/2VW. The BSV35 is a lot heavier, approx 40 lbs firewall forward, should have plenary of power and will be finding out right after Oshkosh. The BSV23 will be at Brookshire, Sport Flyer Field on June 10th for Leonard Milhollands 25 anniversary of the Legal Eagle and will be in Oshkosh at Ultralight Area.

Comments of the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 23 with Re-drive after 35 hours of flight time.

This is a fun engine to fly, it is met to be an alternative for the lower HP 1/2VW engine. Weight firewall forward is equal to or less than the 1/2VW engine and we have electric starter. With the mufflers it is very quiet for those on ground and pilot. We will be at Sport Flyer Field, Brookshire, Texas on Saturday June 10th and will be flying. Come on down to Leonard’s 25th anniversary celebration of the Legal Eagle. For more detailed information on the installation, engine, drive and how to duplicate what we have here contact Leonard Milholland at

Legal Eagle XL ORV with the BSV23, (Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 23) with Ace Aviation Redrive and Culver wood prop. Friend Burt from California dropped by and put 3 hours flying time on the BSV23. I had not heard it run from ground before and was very impressed with how quiet it is.

Ground loop of Legal Eagle XL SR 7-1/2

Long story but my right foot slipped off rudder pedal and it was not easily, (quickly) going back in place and because of cross wind and left rudder pedal still working a turn to left had started and my hand was not on brakes yet, Time and distance was running out from aircraft and house and path to best outcome was ground loop to left. It worked. I have a second video about changes to machine to prevent this from ever happening again. I was intent on saving weight and mounted battery on floor board behind firewall, between rudder pedals. Seemed to be enough room for my fat feet. This proved me wrong. I am moving battery behind seat, installing longer battery cables, redoing rudder pedals, lower, longer and installing anti-slip material on metal floor boards to keep feet from sliding.

LEXL ORV landing at T25 with 360 degree camera.

Working on how to mount and use camera and how to edit the video. Working with the insta360x3 opens up a new world of taking video and the 360 provides great oppertunity to express on-self. I have been wondering how my landings look up close and this provides the shot, not bad landing even if I say so myself. In case you are wondering most of my landing are wheel landings, not full stall, I cannot consistently get the correct height above runway to let it stall.