Legal Eagle ORV on A Friday morning

This morning the wind was down, calm as a matter of fact, about 62 degrees, perfect for what we had to do. The test engine and re-drive performed well and we can say success. This is not competition for the 45 hp 1/2VW or the Verner Radial 3V but met to help someone get into the air with more readily available and reasonable parts and pieces. We have much more testing and adjusting to do but it works. I might add we are testing this at the upper limits of what the XL is designed for, 275 pound pilot. If you are on the normal weight side it will perform much better. Leonard Milholland is the sponsor and motivator behind this project so all information and data will be released thru him. Check out his YouTube channel for additional videos and information. Leonard is the Designer of the Legal Eagle and Legal Eagle XL as well as the Double Eagle and Cabin Eagle. Check out and or his YouTube Channel.

V-twin engines big block

Information to consider regarding the V-Twin engines, (in general). If not for weight the big block V-twins, typically 32 to 40 hp, with a redrive would power the Legal Eagle. Our final firewall forward flying weight needs to be in 90 pound area, (this weight varies on the aircraft weight) this would include engine, mounts, prop, carbs, filters, bolts, everything forward of fire wall. The small block V-twin weight fits into what we need. Question is if we can get the Hp and torque matched to a prop that will power our machine. It would be nice to build a lighter weight LEXL with allowance to mount the big block V-twin.

Early morning ground fog

Love the mornings and evenings here in east Texas. Getting close to mowing season with some weather on its way. Been working with Leonard Milholland on the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 23 as a possible way to power the Legal Eagles. Check out his youtube channel for more information.