Legal Eagle XL ORV with Briggs and Stratton

Leonard Milholland has been funding the research into the possibility of the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 23 as a replacement for the small horsepower 1/2VW engine. Check with him at or his youtube channel at Leonard Milholland youtube to find out more. We are planning on being at Oshkosh in the Fun Fly Zone. I will be there and Leonard will be their with Legal Eagle XL ORV. Come talk with us. Leonard has a forum on Tuesday and Wednesday Regards the Engines and the Legal Eagle and I have a forum on Friday regarding shooting and processing video. ORV and I will be there all week. My youtube channel

Leonards youtube channel

Went flying in LEXL SR 7-1/2 thus morning

Took off in Legal Eagle SR 7-1/2 this morning at about same time and conditions as yesterday’s in Legal Eagle ORV with the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 23. Good chance to compare t/o observations. The Verner is 42 hp. We were off ground in about 75% of distance, initial part of climb and t/o similar, as i climbed out seeing 375 to 400 fpm, flight speed faster. Comparing I would guess flight performance of the BSV23 comparable to 28 or 30 hp 1/2VW. Nothing wrong about that. Because of my size, weight, i have always stayed with the higher hp engines. A normal weight pilot should do fine with the 28 or 30 hp with exception of high altitude flying field.

We are busy getting ready for Oshkosh

With the heat, it slows me down, i am getting started on The Oshkosh adventure for 2022. Will be taking ORV with the Briggs and Stratton engine. Still have lots to do between now and mid July at which time ORV will be loaded in the Jayco Toy hauler and it’s off to the north and land of the cooler weather.

Saturday morning flight with Legal Eagle SR 7-1/2

Saturday dawned as a beautiful day, it has been a while since i have been able to just fly, seems like the wind here has been above normal and my time has been limited so today I was going to make up some flying time. Winds at take off were showing about 6 mph, according to winds on my foreflight program at surrounding airports, none were showing much over 10 mph at 3000. Take off in Legal Eagle XL SR 7-1/2 was uneventful, took off to the west, as soon as we were above the trees, to stay on heading had to make a big turn to the south, flying 30 degrees pointed south to go west, my initial thought was to fly south to Palestine and fill up. After turning south and observing the Forefight GPS showing 17 mph decided to give that thought up. When i was pointed north showing 73 mph on GPS. Decided to go back and land, beautiful day and short flight but lots of fun.

Legal Eagle ORV on A Friday morning

This morning the wind was down, calm as a matter of fact, about 62 degrees, perfect for what we had to do. The test engine and re-drive performed well and we can say success. This is not competition for the 45 hp 1/2VW or the Verner Radial 3V but met to help someone get into the air with more readily available and reasonable parts and pieces. We have much more testing and adjusting to do but it works. I might add we are testing this at the upper limits of what the XL is designed for, 275 pound pilot. If you are on the normal weight side it will perform much better. Leonard Milholland is the sponsor and motivator behind this project so all information and data will be released thru him. Check out his YouTube channel for additional videos and information. Leonard is the Designer of the Legal Eagle and Legal Eagle XL as well as the Double Eagle and Cabin Eagle. Check out and or his YouTube Channel.