Basics of using Wondershare Filmora Video processing software

This is what I had intended to present during the Red Barn Forum but i made a mistake and thought my Forum was at 1;00 and it was at 11:30 so i was not prepared. This should present the basics of using Wondershare Filmora and as time goes by I will have one on Gopro Studio and another on Pinnacle Studio. Should also have one on Windows movie maker in near future. Let me know if additonal questions or comments.

Setting under the wing or Legal Eagle XL ORV on a Thursday afternoon when everyone has left and the crowds are watching the air show.

I love to talk to people and learn new things, the very best is helping someone get excited and learn something that fuels their passion for flying or building. I learned almost everything the hard way and passing it on to others so maybe they can get a jump start is my passion. I love the see the spark in their eyes and hear the passion in there words. Oshkosh is a land of I can do, not poor me. and I love it, why cannot the rest of year be like this.

Back at T25 and unloaded ORV

What an adventure, Last week at Oshkosh 2022 was great, visited with lots of people and was involved in three forums at the Red Barn. Met some very nice people. Arrived home Monday Evening, had to work on work Tuesday and today unloaded ORV and placed in hanger. Still have lots to do but maybe I can get back to enjoying the high temperatures and humidity. Working on several videos so stay tuned.

Oshkosk AirVenture 2022

Loading Legal Eagle ORV for next great Adventure, Fun Fly Zone 2022. See you in Oshkosh. I will be at Leonard Milholland’s forum’s on Tuesday and Thursday (Legal Eagle and 1/2VW/ Briggs and Stratton Vangard 23), and on Friday my Forum on Shooting and Editing Video

The internet and phone service is starting to slow down already.

Legal Eagle ORV at Fun Fly Zone after the storm last evening
Friday from near air show center

First time with story blog so having some learning curves

Tuesday afternoon in Oshkosh relaxing under the wing of ORV. Nice day talking to lots of folks.

Flying ORV and the BSV23

Another flight thus morning while somewhat cool and density altitude not to high, field elevation 450 ft and DA is 1850 ft, yesterday aft saw DA as high as 3400 ft. All performed as expected but had a good wind out of southwest. It is always fun to fly with plane pointed 45 degrees from path of travel, saw as low as 14 mph on GPS and as high as 57. Made a decent landing even