Up date on move to Texas

Moving has taken a considerable amount of time, more than I ever imagined, my flying and building is way behind. I have not been able to post videos or update the blog very often. Just getting where i can fly, some other things that has slowed me down is the loss of compression issue with the Verner 3V, finally have it identified and eliminated but having problems with a leaky fuel tank, new tank is almost completed. Been flying SR 7-1/2 and enjoying it. It seems to be holding up and performing great, I have been busy completing the hanger and house and just completed the drive ways so maybe more time can be dedicated to updating blog and videos. Another minor problem is there is not internet here, have to use wifi hot spots and to upload videos have to drive about 3 miles to get closer to the verizon tower. Flying is great, just beginning to enjoy it. More to come.

Fuel tanks

Had a great flight tonight in Snoopy’s Revenge but i have a leak in the fuel tank that needs to be fixed and the fuel tank on ORV is beyond repair. Getting ready to build some new fuel tanks. The fuel tanks were made of .032 5005, new tanks will be either .040 or .050. I want to save the weight but i do believe life safety may need to come first.

Flew for .7 this evening, no bumps or wind what so ever. Beautiful country to explore.


Flew ORV today for first time in a very long time. I have made internal engine modifications to eliminate the loss of compression and increased valve clearance to take care of an additional problem. It was a great flight, no bumps, and great temperatures. Flew .8 hours with wot indicating at least 100 rpm more than ever on past and wot at end of flight was same as wot at start of flight.