Went flying in LEXL SR 7-1/2 thus morning

Took off in Legal Eagle SR 7-1/2 this morning at about same time and conditions as yesterday’s in Legal Eagle ORV with the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 23. Good chance to compare t/o observations. The Verner is 42 hp. We were off ground in about 75% of distance, initial part of climb and t/o similar, as i climbed out seeing 375 to 400 fpm, flight speed faster. Comparing I would guess flight performance of the BSV23 comparable to 28 or 30 hp 1/2VW. Nothing wrong about that. Because of my size, weight, i have always stayed with the higher hp engines. A normal weight pilot should do fine with the 28 or 30 hp with exception of high altitude flying field.

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