Saturday morning flight with Legal Eagle SR 7-1/2

Saturday dawned as a beautiful day, it has been a while since i have been able to just fly, seems like the wind here has been above normal and my time has been limited so today I was going to make up some flying time. Winds at take off were showing about 6 mph, according to winds on my foreflight program at surrounding airports, none were showing much over 10 mph at 3000. Take off in Legal Eagle XL SR 7-1/2 was uneventful, took off to the west, as soon as we were above the trees, to stay on heading had to make a big turn to the south, flying 30 degrees pointed south to go west, my initial thought was to fly south to Palestine and fill up. After turning south and observing the Forefight GPS showing 17 mph decided to give that thought up. When i was pointed north showing 73 mph on GPS. Decided to go back and land, beautiful day and short flight but lots of fun.

2 thoughts on “Saturday morning flight with Legal Eagle SR 7-1/2

  1. Luis Maravilla June 5, 2022 / 6:01 pm



    • leshomanb69 June 13, 2022 / 8:30 pm

      We are determining if this engine and redrive will develop enough power for the LEXL and what has to be done to make that happen. Desire is to keep engine as stock asposdible


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