Testing the Mikuni Carb after it was plugged.

I went to fly earlier and the engine started and then died, would not restart. Removed the Mikuni Carb. from the Verner 3V and proceeded to clean out the various jets and openings inside the Carb. There are several small openings in idle air and around the main needle. After cleaning it started and ran like a top. The Legal Eagle XL really enjoyed the evening and the air at take off, climbed quite good. RPM was study, moving the tach cable away from from all other wires did the trick to eliminate sometimes erratic RPM readings. Love the new fuel tank, no leaking fuel to wrestle with.

One thought on “Testing the Mikuni Carb after it was plugged.

  1. Greg Harrison December 25, 2021 / 10:37 pm

    Mr. Homan, I have been watching many of your videos about the legal eagle and I understand you now live in Tx. I live in Ennis Tx. and would to talk sometime.


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