Bolts and Bolting

When building your Legal Eagle, any model, make sure you use aircraft bolts on all structural connections. There are all that many bolts in a Legal Eagle and using anything but Aircraft bolts is taking a needless risk. Using hardware store bolts to hold something in place like instrument panel, or instruments may be permissible but lift struts, wings, tail feathers, never permissible. Over the years I have seen hardware store bolts and screws used in places where a failure would mean the end. Lots of people use hardware store bolts for fit up and alignment, but they change all to aircraft bolts before final assemble and double check before flight. I have concerns about this because if bolts that are not easily seen, such as on wing fitting, inside wing, get left as hardware store bolts, they can break as easy as those exposed. Most hardware store bolts I have seen are the cheap all thread kind, they may be cheaper than aircraft bolts but the shear loads are less than 1/4 of an aircraft bolt and with the threads will crack at route and break. The better, non-thread bolt hardware store bolt is better but is very close in cost to aircraft bolts. Aircraft bolts are all inspected and make of materials to provide strength and toughness.

When you make that first flight somewhere it will cross you mind every bolt and nut and fitting installed and keeping you in the air. Make it a good thought and do not be wondering which bolt is gonna break and leave you in airborne flying mess.

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