Loading Legal Eagle XL ORV for nest great adventure.

This is the real-time version on loading ORV in the Jayco Toy hauler. I get slower as I grow older but still going. There are other videos of the wing holding mechanisms, the trolley i use and inside of trailer and how everything is laid out. I have loaded ORV 15 times now so getting all the bugs worked out. The neat thing about this set up is i can load any legal eagle in trailer. I have loaded SR 7-1/2 twice now and will be loading again in March for an adventure with SR 7-1/2. Keep on building and flying and doing great things with the Legal Eagles, have fun and enjoy life.

One thought on “Loading Legal Eagle XL ORV for nest great adventure.

  1. skiblinger November 11, 2020 / 5:36 am

    Following activities with great interest and admiration – kudos, Les


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