Taxi tests have started and tail off ground

Today finished all work and had time for taxi testing and some high speed taxi tests to a point where I had tail off ground.  I need to adjust float level on carb tomorrow and make a few other minor adjustments but today was able to put 1/2 hour on hour meter with taxi testing. The tail wheel seems to be a success, lots more to come, still adjusting linkages to get equal feel on rudder pedals but it worked great. In case you are wondering  weight empty, no fuel or oil came out 240.5 pounds with starter and if i remove starter and hand prop weight is 232.0 pounds.  There will be a lot to disclose in next few days/weeks as I prove out the things I have done to get to a light weight.  The tail wheel will be first thing up for in depth discussion if  it continues to prove out, it is simple to build and saves weight, what a combination. I will be providing exactly what and how it was built and part numbers/sources.  The only items out of normal are the busing, spring and tail wheel, all readily available.

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