Installed and rigged wings on LEXL B69A today

On a nice cool day installing and rigging the wings is a chore but on a day that reached almost 100 degrees in a hanger that was even hotter I could never have gotten it done with out help of Susan, Jeff and Madison.  I want to thank them for there help and support.  There is lots to do yet, install aileron fill pieces, they are a setting in back of hanger waiting there turn, install ailerons and install control linkages. Finish wiring the tail surface braces, complete fuel tank installation, waiting on fuel line, complete wiring to instrument panel, waiting on switch and install center section cover and last but not least install windshield.   Sounds like a lot but will not take long.  Hope to be taxi testing next weekend or early week after.

These are the aileron nose fillers. I used hardware store gutter aluminum material and bent it by hand on edge of work bench with 1×2’s and clamps.

I would be nice to have a 8′ bending brake but this works and does the job.

3 thoughts on “Installed and rigged wings on LEXL B69A today

  1. moby9 August 4, 2020 / 1:20 am

    Hello Les, At the moment the wife and I are staying in our motor home here in the San Diego area While I’m recuperating from 8 weeks of cancer treatment. I live in Reno NV and will be heading home this week via 395.
    It’ll probably be a few more weeks but I was wondering if once I’m on the mend if coming over to Oakdale to see your XL and visit with you would be possible? I’m seriously considering a XL as a father/son project for this winter. Thank you in advance.


  2. moby9 August 4, 2020 / 1:49 am

    Hello Les, You’ve been an inspiration to me for some time now and, due to recent events in my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that the time is now or never to make my dream of building and flying a LEXL happen. I’ll be returning home to Reno this week after spending 8 weeks in the San Diego area receiving treatment for throat cancer.
    Once I’ve had a few weeks at home to continue my recuperation I’d like to drive over the hill and pay you a visit to see your plane(s) and shop and get some advice on how to move forward. I’m hoping I can make it a father/son project with my 16 year old…, With or without him though I want to make this happen.
    Thanks in Advance,


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