Flying Legal Eagle XL in same airspace as spam cans

When you finally get your Legal Eagle completed, unless you are one of the lucky ones with small farm strip away from everyone on at a small airport with only ultralight aircraft around you get to experience the fun of flying with faster, sometimes much faster, flying machines.  While back we (ORV and I) flew to Oroville, and back.  I had to fly over University Airport at Davis on the Way home so called my position 5 miles north and again approaching the airport to fly directly overhead. I was at 1200 msl so at flight pattern altitude.  A high wing Cessna passed me on the right from behind at about same altitude on his way to enter pattern for left traffic.  Getting over taken by another aircraft running 70 mph or so faster something to watch.  Makes one want to make sure they have your radio on an using it, listening and talking, and may others be using and listening to know I am their. Part of this is knowing what to say and when to say it an what to expect others to say.  Coming from a private pilot background with 3,500 plus hours, it is somewhat normal. My concern is those that fly ultralights with no radio or no training where and how to use it. I like to fly about half altitudes general aircraft would be expected to fly at, but that is not always possible and sometimes flying at same altitudes becomes necessary.  Communications and watching for traffic are critical.  Knowing what to expect from normal flying traffic is critical, although there is a lot of non-normal flying as well.  Case in point, last time I flew to Oroville and back, I was over wide open farm country at 300 agl, no crop dusters flying at that time and area, and a sea plane went under me following the river.  Please get training to fly safely, for yourself and others, and get ground training and flight training to a point where using a radio properly is second nature.  Oh, one last thing, fly with a radio and use it.




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