Flying Thoughts

I have learned a lot from aviation.

The weather never is predictable and will change at any time. Patience…..

Patience has been the greatest thing learned, this relates to weather and waiting for things to happen. Waiting at an airport for weather to clear, on a long cross country.

Pay very close attention to the little things, the guy up above is trying to take care of us, but if we do not pay attention those little things grow into big bad day altering things.

It is better to be on the ground wishing I was up there than being in the air wishing I was on the ground.

Avoid get home now syndrome. Causes dumb mistakes, not getting home, ever, may be one of them.

Always be aware and watch out for snow ball effect. Almost all aviation accidents have a minimum of three and when you get as high as five you are at the scene of the accident. These snow balls include things like not doing a pre-flight, flying exhausted, not feeling good, not checking fuel, not checking weather, not communicating, and a thousand other flying things we all know.

Flying is a matter of priorities.

Being off the ground in a flying machine is as good as it gets.

Winds are always going wrong way for a flight in direct proportion to amount of fuel on board and distance to go.

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